Introducing the Sonaray
Solar Street LED Light.

Street Light



The Sonaray Solar Range is the ideal standalone, all-in-one Solar lighting solution with Sonaray’s unique Chip-On-Board technology for superior high-efficiency performance and specialised directional lighting. The Solar Range is built to last with features like water, shock and corrosion proofing and Pressure Release Valves.

SR-4040 | Solar Flood Light 48W

Model : SR-4040
Power : 48W
Beam Angle : 145°(H)×65°(V)
Lighting Duration : 23hrs*¹
Time to fully charged : 9hrs*²
Luminaire Material : Aluminum
Luminaire Weight : 2.5kg/5.51lb
Solar Panel & Battery Weight : 11 kg / 24.25 lbs.
Battery Position : Built-in on the panel
Operating Temperature : -25°C~+45°C, -13°F~+113°F
Warranty : 5 years

Battery Specification
Nominal Capacity : 14.8V30Ah
Battery cell : Lithium battery
Battery Life : 3yrs
Cycle Life : 1000 times
Maximum Charge/ Discharge Current : 8000mA
Standard Discharge Current : 2700mA
Nominal Voltage : 14.8V
Max Charge Voltage : 16.8V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage : 12.0V
Overcharge Detection Voltage : 4.25V±0.025V
Overdischarge Detection Voltage : 2.5V±0.1V
Overdischarge Detection Current : 7A~15A

Solar Panel Specification
Maximum Power(Pmax) : 80Wp
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) :18V
Maximum Power Current(Imp) : 5.02A
Open-Circuit Voltage(Voc) : 22V
Short-Circuit Current(Isc) : 5.53A
System Voltage : 1000V
Tolerance: ±3%

Solar Cell
Mono : (156×156)
Number of Cells : 36(125×125)
Dimension : 1196×544×30mm
Frame : Aluminum alloy

Note: *1The duration refers to the time for which the luminaire could work continually with the battery fully charged.

*2 The time refers to the duration in which the battery could be fully charged under the effective illumination of thesolar panel.


  • Car Parks
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Back-up / Emergency lighting
  • Park pathways



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