October 3, 2018

Negative Shift – Positive Solution

The Vertical Farming market is projected to be a $7.4 billion-dollar market by the year 2023 according to Vertical Farming Market – Forecasts from 2018 to 2023* report as of February 2018.

The Problem:

The world’s population has grown by 250% since the 1960’s and shows no sign of changing any time soon. With an increased number of people comes the need for more living areas, transportation, and most importantly, increased food consumption.

The Conundrum:

How do we facilitate the need for more room, without having any more space to use?

The Solution:

Here at AUTOCROP, we have set out to create a solution to one of these issues that we are now facing. The need for more agricultural area around the world is becoming an issue in every growing city around the globe. The solution we have created is to begin “stacking” agricultural space with the use of vertical farming. An issue that AUTOCROP has found within this solution is that when you begin stacking agricultural area, you lose the plant’s ability to capture the proper lighting needed to perform photosynthesis. So once again, we find ourselves needing to solve another problem – how do you supply the plant’s sunlight to continue its photosynthetic process?

The engineers at AUTOCROP have found ways to revolutionize the lighting industry once again by creating a light specifically used for recreating the light spectrum needed by plants to perform photosynthesis. These lights are tuned to maximize the lighting output between 400-700 nanometers and minimizing the infrared (>700nm) and ultraviolet (<400nm) light that normal LED lights produce. After the creation of our GL-3060 LED light bar in 2017, we realized we finally had a viable high light output/low heat solution to pursue vertical farming.

Since then, we have created a semi-automated hydroponic flood and drain system to solve the need for more agricultural area around the world. Our team can provide layouts and manufacture systems for greenhouses, new construction, and abandoned building retrofit projects. So if you’re thinking of being part of the vertical farming movement, then give us a call here at AUTOCROP and speak with our team members on how to get started.

* Vertical Farming Market – Forecasts from 2018 to 2023 (ID: 4463647) Report February 2018, 85 pages, Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence LLP

Steven Harper – Technical Manager and Sales, AUTOCROP

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