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Experience Higher Yields with AUTOCROP™ Hydroponic Solutions

Compact Hydroponic System

Introducing AUTOCROP, a complete, compact, all-in one hydroponic growing system from EPONIC™

Compact Hydroponic System

Introducing AUTOCROP, a complete, compact, all-in one hydroponic growing system from EPONIC™


Commercial Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is essentially using limited space and resources to grow plants in controlled environments in areas that may not otherwise be conducive to either year-round growth or growth cycles that are fast enough to fully meet demand.

AUTOCROP™ takes this process to a whole different level with our completely automated system that is all-inclusive and provides a complete solution for the grower.

With everything from programmable control systems for irrigation and fertigation to hydroponic racking, pumps, and LED grow lighting to simulate natural light, AUTOCROP™ Vertical Farming gives commercial growers the tools they need to produce high quality growth with optimal crop yields at cost-effective prices.

We offer modular design for easy expansion, robotics to assist in tasks throughout the growth process, and expert consultation to help growers achieve maximum crop efficiency.

Commercial Vertical Farming

We provide everything from hydroponic racking to advanced LED lighting, nutrient monitoring stations, pumps, and consumable items such as seedling growth containers, and seeds, EPONIC™ is the total solution for large and smaller clients who want fresh, safe,sustainablecontrolled environment crop growth.

One-Stop Solution

At EPONIC™, we provide turnkey, one-stop solutions for Indoor Vertical Farming Applications, complete with everything you need for exceptional results.


Our experienced team of process engineers, fertigation and irrigation specialists, and grow advisors can design the perfect custom, industrial size solution for your business or operation.

Reliable, Simple, Flexible

Our system offers rugged durability for long-life grow solutions, is user friendly for simple operation, and is extremely flexible to help you adapt to changes in crop variety and project scale.

Ergonomically Designed for Optimal Plant Health & Quality

Our system is designed to maintain an ideal ratio of space and airflow ensuring you of more healthy and nutritious plant growth.

Naturally Healthy

Our controlled growth system provides an environment free from chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides meaning your harvest is naturally healthier.

Space Saving Productivity

Our unique racking design maximizes your growing area while limiting the amount of true space required. AUTOCROP™ can be configured with up to 12 growing levels and increase your yield and productivity up to 50 times more than traditional farming methods.

High Yield Accelerated Growth

Many crops require only 15-20 days from sprout-to-harvest, increasing your output and lessening your growth cycle.


Hydroponic growth is cleaner. We utilize natural rock wool as a growing substrate, so plants are cleaner, safer, and generally readier as farm-to-table food.

LED Grow Lights

Our fixtures employee full spectrum, high quality LED grow light chips specially engineered by Citizen® of Japan. These fixtures also offer a 140-degree wide beam angle optic design for high efficiency and even distribution of lighting for the grow area.

Ease of Use

Our logical design of separating each grow area using individual grow trays with segregated multiple pot spacing for plant varieties means crops are easier to harvest and the system is easier to clean, maintain, and store.

Automated Programmable Controls

A programmable logic controller is provided with each rack system, making ease of pre-setting the irrigation and additive lighting intervals automatic throughout the grow cycle.

Automated Planting and Harvesting using Robotics

AUTOCROP™ is highly automated and utilizes robotics including an elevator and remote controlled robotic car to automate planting and harvesting, saving time and money for larger scale operations.

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